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Maldives Heritage Survey

This database has been produced by the Maldives Heritage Survey to systematically inventory and document endangered cultural heritage in the Maldives, including mosques, Muslim grave markers, the remains of Buddhist stupas, and other historical structures and physical objects, through digital photography, 3D scanning and GIS. The materials documented here are critically endangered, facing both natural and human threats that jeopardize the survival and accessibility of historical information for this vital node in pre-modern economic and religious networks spanning the Indian Ocean world and beyond.
The project is led by Dr Michael Feener, based at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, and funded by Arcadia. Work in country is conducted in partnership with the Maldives Ministry of Arts, Culture, and Heritage with additional support from the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) at the Nanyang Technological University and the Spatial Analysis, Interpretation, and Exploration Laboratory (SAIELab) at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Pre-Islamic Saved Search
Pre-Islamic Sites
Explore the sites of artificial mounds and monastery compounds associated with the earlier period of Buddhist history in the Maldives.
Cultural Artefacts Saved Search
Cultural Artefacts
Examine a collection of smaller objects including statuary and furnishings associated with old mosques and archaeological sites in the Maldives.
Mosques Saved Search
View examples of the distinctive traditions of coral stone construction and ornamentation of Maldivian mosques.
Funerary Monuments
Funerary Monuments
Review the range of ways in which Muslim graves in the islands have been marked in stone.
Domestic Architecture
Domestic Architecture
Visit examples of traditional vernacular architecture used in the construction of houses in the islands.
Browse through digitised primary source texts for Maldivian history written over a range of scripts and languages.

Dr Michael Feener
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
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